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Original video found at news april 30, 2019 New Insta-Worthy Tandem Video & Photo Packages. long island skydiving Center is happy to be offering a brand new tandem video service this season that includes an Instagram ready video you can share immediately following your skydive!A 25-year-old woman was transported to hospital with "serious injuries" after a skydiving accident in Flamborough, Ont.,This year’s event will include traditional balloon rides, tethered rides, a skydiving show, a balloon glow, live music, a.Dentist Larry Watts took a 30-year hiatus from running, after a 1973 skydiving accident while he was in dental school left.Kentucky’s Skydiving Center. Welcome to Kentucky’s skydiving center skydive kentucky !. Whether you are an experienced jumper or just wanting to check it off your bucket list,Skydiving is Fun! See the beauty of the California Coast from a bird’s eye view as you peacefully float down from 5,000 feet. If you’ve never jumped before, you’ll be amazed at how easy the training is and how fun our tandem jumps are!When I was writing this, I was trying to imagine the sensation of falling through the sky while skydiving just before you.Chicago’s closest skydiving center. tandem Skydiving for everyone. great skydiving Prices. See Chicago Skyline while jumping next to Lake Michigan!Located just 20 miles from Seattle, Skydive Snohomish is consistently rated as one of the best places in the world to go skydiving. We’ve been jumping over the picturesque Snohomish River Valley since 2000, and making memories rooted in aviation since the 40s.It’s Time to Go Extreme. Skydiving takes adrenaline, fun and empowerment to a whole new level. Located at Frankfort Municipal Airport, just 30 minutes from I-465N, we’re the largest drop zone in Indiana with one of the best safety ratings in the country.Parachuting is a method of transiting from a high point to Earth with the aid of gravity, involving the control of speed during the descent with the use of a parachute or parachutes. It may involve more or less free-falling (the skydiving segment) which is a period when the parachute has not yet been deployed and the body gradually accelerates to terminal velocity